My work life is really stunting my Ironman growth

I haven’t written in months.  That doesn’t mean I haven’t been training.  However it does mean I have not been training to the caliber that I would prefer.

Work life has changed tremendously. I have a very good job and I work with great people, however I have never dreaded going to work in the last 4 years, until recently. It has killed my workout ambition. I am extremely spent physically and mentally as soon as I get home. This has also caused me to not obtain one of my short-term goals (Running Mt. Evans) due to lack of altitude training.

THIS ALL CHANGES TODAY! (yesterday went for a run pushing my two little babies in the stroller)

I am back and refocused.

I will be running a Half Marathon in the upcoming months.

I will start placing in my age groups.

I will not allow my job to affect my Health and Hobbies.

Just a few short-term goals.

On a lighter note we did run a Mothers Day 5k in Downtown Denver and considering I had a Chest cold, I was happy with my results. Out of 1104 runners I finished 34th.

Dylan's age group 1 miler after his 5k

Dylan’s age group 1 miler after his 5k

Dylan ran his first 5k and he finished in 37 mins and some change. (10 yrs old)

Afterwards he ran an age group 1 miler, he said he wanted to win it for Mom, so he asked me to run with him to keep his pace up.  Before that day he had never ran more than a mile competitively  and his mile PR was 10:30.  He finished 3rd and killed his old PR with a new PR of 7:28!!!!!!


Start of 1 miler

Mom raced also, but she pushed the babies in the stroller.

Mom raced also, but she pushed the babies in the stroller.




First Half Marathon – Mission Complete!

My amazing wife! Mother of three! Getting her run on!

26 Mile Momma

Alrighty, so I did my first half marathon today. I did the Boulder Spring Half Marathon in, duh, Boulder, Colorado. High altitude but a relatively flat terrain. There were a few hills, but overall it was a good trail for my first time. Of course, the scenery was amazing….and the weather was fantastic despite a windy early morning. It was nuts because while we were waiting for the race to begin (it started at 8 am sharp), it was windy and quite chilly…cold even. But I kid you not, as soon as the race started the wind died down and the sun came out. Really, I couldn’t have asked for a better day.

As for the race itself, it went rather well. I’ll be honest. My training was almost nonexistent this past month. I mean, I did Insanity  maybe 2 or 3 times. I ran a few times (mostly this…

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03/14/13 Training Ride

I couldn’t have asked for nicer weather to ride in today. No wind and about 55 degrees when I went. My legs felt a little stronger, after I got warmed up, than my last ride. 18.30 miles 1:05:00. Far from my goal average mph, but I have only ridden 200 miles so far this year.

03/12/13 Aerobic and Core Training, Insanity Fit Test

Insanity is insane! That is all.

If anyone wants info on Insanity, Body Pump, or P90X(shameless plug) my wife is a Team Beachbody coach.

My hobby that doesn’t involve Tri-ing

252As you guys have noticed I have a somewhat misplaced Facebook page on my blog. It’s a link to my cousin’s and I’s Heroclix gaming page. If you are a Comic book, DC, Marvel, gaming, or Superhero fan you should definitely check it out. This is what I do when I am not working, changing diapers, feeding babies, doing laundry, or training. You know! My free time. Please feel free to like and share our page. I have a nerdy fantasy of owning a coffee shop that offers coffee, vegetarian food, comics books, and gaming. I know I am a weirdo.  I try to not fill my blog up with this, however it is a part of my relaxation from training, so occasionally I’ll blog about it. Anyhow keep training and don’t be afraid to embrace your inner nerd.

Aaron (Nightcrawler and Batman fan)

What I Eat… Sandwich Style


Eggplant, roasted red and yellow peppers, mozzarella, baby spinach, and artichoke bruschetta topping on a torta roll. Veggie awesomeness!

The man who passed me, clearly wasn’t riding as far as I!


” The man who passed me, clearly wasn’t riding as far as I”

This is generally the thought that goes through my head when I am riding on a training ride. Now looking at it in print, it sounds more like an excuse than a reasonable conclusion. I guess I should just do what the shirts I keep seeing on Facebook say and “Train Harder, Suck Less.”

Anyway…..I snuck a ride in between snowstorms and these are just a few pics from my second ride after my small surgery. I rode from my house to the Dam at Chatfield Reservoir and back. 23.16 miles 1:30:00. On my way back, I was starting to feel the burn and I was passed by a man who was probably 10 years older than me. Granted he was half my size, but this is no excuse.

Anyway next workout I’ll “Train Harder, Suck Less”


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